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   After MBBS

Disclaimer: The contents of this page are purely a personal view of the author.

Just after MBBS: This is a period of indecisiveness in the life of every medico. Many of us will be wondering what to do next!?! Most of us will be trying to get into MD/MS specially medicine, surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics & Radiology. Year after year the level of competition goes on increasing making it tougher getting a seat in the subject of our choice leading to frustration. In this page we explore the various avenues that are available to a doctor fresh out of medical school. I have just highlighted various options that are currently available so as to let you know that if you fail to secure a Post graduation seat, its not the end of the world. There are lot of other profitable and fulfilling avenues available for the doctor of the 21st century. Let take a look at these options:

"MD/MS/Diploma" The Prevailing Scenario: As the year goes by it has become increasingly difficult to get a PG seat in an Indian MCI recognized institution at a decent cost. The existing set of rules makes it extremely difficult to get a seat at the 1st go. Those of us who are brilliant have no problem securing a seat, but those of us who are mediocre and hard working (like myself) find it  tough to get through. To make matters worse, private management colleges have started their own common entrance tests thereby causing the fees to skyrocket effectively making it financially impossible for a normal middle class family doctor. This page explores the various options available for such a doctor.

Before venturing out to the world of post graduation & super-specialty as yourself the following things:

  • What line of medicine are you interested in?  

Most of us blindly follow our seniors and try to get into clinical subjects. Ask for yourself what subject are you interested in? Think back to your days in pre-graduate days, which subject was most interesting? Once you have pin pointed this, be sure that if you do your post graduation in that subject you will excel in that subject. Remember all medical subjects are equally important and they contribute in their own way to the whole of medical science. E.g.: Surgery and anatomy are interlinked. A good surgeon needs to have a sound knowledge of the anatomical parts of the body, not only by sight but also by feel. Similarly a forensic expert needs to have a sound knowledge of Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Microbiology & Pathology.


  • Are you interested to go abroad or to stay back in INDIA?

This is a very important aspect you need to address before venturing further. If you are interested in going abroad, then most of the Indian clinical degrees (Medicine; Surgery; OBG; Pediatrics; Orthopedics, ENT, Ophthalmology) are probably useless unless done in some premier institution like AIIMS. In such cases its prudent if you choose subjects like Microbiology & Immunology; Psychiatry; Pathology; Pharmacology; Anatomy & Genetics; Community Medicine Etc. Such subjects will get you a good placement in a decent institution abroad. In case you are very much interested in clinical fields then its prudent to take the qualifying exams of the country you intend to go and do a 3 year residency there in the clinical subject of your choice.  

Some good places for a Indian doctor to settle down are:

  1. United States of America: In order to practice medicine in the united states, an overseas doctor has to compulsorily pass their USMLE Licensing exams (unless he/she has gone there on a fellowship contract). For more details about USMLE Exams CLICK HERE.

  2. Australia & New Zealand: This is currently one of the easiest and most rewarding locations for an Indian doctor interested to go abroad. According to work rules of Australia, a qualified doctor should be paid a minimum salary of $ 1 lakh/- an year, so if a doctor manages to pass their licensing exam then he can be assured of a good posting and decent pay. MRCP is valid in Australia as well as New Zealand.  For more details regarding the same CLICK HERE.

  3. United Kingdom: Of recent times UK has become a less preferred destination for Indian doctors as getting a job in UK has become tough. But it would be a good idea to work there at least temporarily and move on the the USA as one can get multiple entry for US from there. PLAB is mandatory to practice in UK, while MRCP/ FRCS exams are valid in the UK. For more details about PLAB CLICK HERE. For more details about MRCP CLICK HERE.

  4. Nepal: You can do your post graduation in Nepal. With these degrees you can do your private practice within INDIA. For more details CLICK HERE.

  5. Republic of Seychelles: University of Seychelles offers WHO recognized PG degrees for Indian Graduates. For more details CLICK HERE.

  • Are you interested in research oriented fields or teaching oriented fields?

Some of us are interested in teaching, while some of us are interested in research based studies. In such cases its better to go to such a field than a clinical oriented field. Biochemistry; Microbiology; Immunology; Genetics; Pharmacology; Oncology; Pathology offer excellent opportunities for research. Now a days its a better option than clinical medicine because it is not only a paying & financially secure field but also is a 9 to 5 job. So if you are inclined into research don't hesitate just take a step forward, you will not have any regrets later in life.

  • Do you want to join "Government service/ teach in a college" or do you place to set up a private practice and be a consultant to various hospitals?

This is one thing you need to sort out with a calm head. Now a days its more profitable to work privately than to join a teaching job in a medical college or a government sponsored PHC job. If you are sure that you don't intend to go into these above 2 jobs categories then there are lots of valid foreign degrees as well as Indian certificate courses which are at par or even better than an MCI recognized degree. Since you already have a basic MBBS degree, you are legally qualified to practice medicine anywhere in Indian. Some of the options available are:

  1. DNB

  2. MRCP

  3. "WHO approved" MD/MS degree from USAIM

  4. "WHO approved" MD/ MS degree from Nepal

  5. "WHO approved" MD/ MS degree from Manipal Hospital  

For more details of these courses click on the links given below


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