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Surgery -mock test


1)Most common benign mesenchymal  tumor of the stomach...

a) Polypoid adenoma
b) Leiomyoma
c) Glomus tumor
d) Lipoma

2) All the following are risk factors of CA- Colon except.........
a) Crohn's disease
b) Ulcerative Colitis
c) Adenomatous Polyp
d) Juvenile Polyposis

3) Which of the following is a locally aggressive soft tissue tumor?
a) Rhabdomyoma
b) Angiosarcoma
c) Round tissue liposarcoma
d) Fibromatosis

4) In a patient with A/C gastric dilatation , initial evaluation & treatment should include all these except.............
a) Insertion of intravenous catheter
b) Insertion of nasogastric tube
c) Administration of metaclopramide to increase the rate of gastric emptying
d) Insertion of Foley's catheter

5) A patient presents with a small fast growing lesion on the upper extremity & comments that it has been present since 2 weeks . Likely diagnosis is...
a) Sq cell CA
b) Keratoachanthoma
c) Basal cell CA
d) Junctional Nevus

6) The least painful surgical approach to heart & lungs is:
a) Median sternotomy
b) Postero lateral Thoracotomy
c) Anterolateral Thoracotomy
d) Transverse sternal splitting Thoracotomy

7) All the following about BPH are true except:
a) Decreased force & caliber of the urinary stream is the usual presenting feature
b) Increase in PSA levels is one of the diagnostics features
c) Dynamic uro flowmetry is one of the diagnostic modalities.
d) Incidence is age related

8) An elderly lady has been admitted with features of anemia weakness ,weight loss & a palpable mass per abdomen . She has CA:Colon. The most likely anatomical site is...............
a) Rectum
b) Sigmoid colon
c) transverse colon
d) left colon

9) A 28year old man presents with a single descended testis & a 6 cms solid mass seen by CT. The most likely diagnosis is:
a) Metastatic prostate cancer
b) Teratoma
c) Hyper plastic cryporchid testis
d) Seminoma

10) The initial therapy of documented DVT in a post operative case is :
a) Subcutaneous heparin therapy
b) IV heparin therapy
c) Anti Thrombosis therapy with urokinase
d) aspirin therapy

11) Out of the following locations of intra cranial hemorrhage , surgery is most useful in :
a) Putamen hemorrhage
b) Thalamic hemorrhage
c) Cerebellar hemorrhage
d) Pontine  hemorrhage

12) Which of the following statements regarding AV fistula are true?
a) Blood volume is decreased
b) Cardiac output is increased
c) Heart rate is decreased
d) Peripheral vascular resistance is decreased

13) A 35 year old lady is diagnosed to have Medullary CA of rt breast with TNM staging of T2 N1 M0 . The current recommended treatment is :
a) Multimodality therapy consisting of surgery , radiotherapy & chemotherapy .
b) Modified radical mastectomy
c) Simple mastectomy with radiotherapy
d) Combination therapy

14) A 5 year old boy has a midline swelling of neck that moves with deglutition & is located below the hyoid bone . The mass is likely to be......
a) Branchial cleft cyst
b) cystic hygroma
c) Teratoma
d) Thyroglossal duct cyst.

15) A 40year old lady comes to the OPD after noticing a lump in her breast . Physical examination revels a 3 cms , firm irregular mass on the lateral aspect of the rt breast with dimpling of the overlying skin . A subsequent biopsy revels chronic inflammatory necrotic adipose tissue with saponification , with areas of calcification . Diagnosis will be...
a) Chomedo CA
b) Fat necrosis
c) Duct ectasia
d) Granulomatous mastitis

16) The most acceptable method of treatment of esophageal perforation during endoscopy, which is associated with a leak into pleural space is :
a) Observation alone
b) Observation + antibiotics
c) Insertion of left chest tube
d) Drainage & surgical repair of the injury

17) In TNM classification of lung CA N2 nodes includes all the following except?
a) Paratrachial nodes
b) Subcarinal nodes
c) Nodes in the inferior pulmonary ligaments
d) Inter lobar nodes

18) Regarding primary Sclerosing Cholengitis all the following are true except...
a) USG is often normal
b) ERCP is the preferred approach
c) Cholangiogram appearance may mimic diffuse form of Cholangio CA  
d) Affects only intra hepatic ducts

19) The most important anomaly in the urethra & bladder that leads to stress incontinence is ......
a) Loss of estrogen in menopausal period
b) Loss of urethral sphincter
c) Prolapse Uterus
d) Loss of posterior Urethrovesicle  angle  

20) On radiograph of chest , a double shadow behind the heart ,signs of aspiration pneumonia , & absence of air in the stomach is suggestive of
a) Aneurism of aorta
b) Achalasia
c) Ca esophagus
d) Peptic ulcer of stomach

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