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Forensic medicine -mock test


1)Basophilic stippling is seen in:

a) RBC
b) WBC
c) Neutrophils
d) Basophiles 

2) Sentence of death is passed in which judicial court:
a) High court
b) Supreme court
c) session court
d) Assistant session court 

3) The 1st premolar erupts between :
a) 8-10 years
b) 6-7 years
c) 11-12years
d) 12-14 years

4) In a charred body which of the following means is useful it its identification
a) Stature
b) Comparison of post mortem x rays with dental records
c) Scar marks
d) Skeletal features

5) Which of the following is most suggestive of anti mortem hanging ?
a) Salivary dribbling
b) Congestion of lungs
c) Ligature marks
d) Petechial hemorrhages 

6) Motile spermatozoa found in wet mount of vaginal secretions are indicative of intercourse within the past :
a) 6 hours
b) 12 hours
c) 24 hours
d) 48 hours

7) Hesitation marks are characteristic of :
a) Accidental injury
b) Suicidal wounds
c) Homicidal wounds
d) None of the above

8) Which of the following is an early sign of death ?
a) Rigor mortis
b) Adipocere formation
c) Putrification
d) Mummification

9) Rule of Hasse is used to determine?
a) The age of fetus
b) Height of an adult
c) Race of a person
d) Identification

10) In Which of the following weapons empty cartridge case is ejected after firing?
a) Shot gun
b) Revolver
c) Pistol
d) Rifle

11) Which of the following tissue putrifies late?
a) Brain
b) Prostate
c) Liver
d) Stomach

12) Mummification refers to:
a) Hardening of muscles after death
b) Colliquative putrifaction
c) Saponification of subcutaneous fat
d) Dessication of a dead body

13) A patient has been allegedly bitten by cobra snake. The venom in such a bite would be:
a) Musculotoxic
b) Vasculotoxic
c) Cardiotoxic
d) Neurotoxic

14) All of the following are related to legal responsibility of an insane person except:
a) McNaughtens's rule
b) Durrham's rule
c) Curren's rule
d) Rule of nines

15) In a suspected case of death due to poisoning where cadaveric rigidity is lasting longer than usual, it may be a case of poisoning due to:
a) Lead
b) Arsenic
c) Mercury
d) Copper

16) Perjury means giving willful false evidence by a witness while under oath. The witness is liable to be prosecuted for perjury and the imprsionment may extend to seven years. This falls under which section of IPC?
a) 190
b) 191
c) 192
d) 193

17) Postmortem lividity is unlikely to develop in a case of:
a) Drowning in a well
b) Drowning in a fast flowing river
c) Postmortem submersion
d) Drowning in chlorinated swimming pool

18) The following situations are associated with rise of temperature after death except:
a) Burns
b) Heat stroke
c) Pontine hemorrhage
d) Septicemia

19)The most reliable criteria in Gustafson's method of identification is:
a) Cementum apposition
b) Transparency of root
c) Attrition
d) Root resorption

20) Least toxic lead is
a) Carbonate
b) Sulphide,
c) Oxide
d) Arsenate.

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