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OBG -mock test 1


1) Abnormal Uterine bleeding associated with MYOMATA UTERI  is characterized by all the following except:

a) A gradual increase in bleeding
b) Excessively  long menstrual bleeding
c) Excessive bleeding during menses
d) Irregular cycles with menorrhagia

2) A 5 year old girl presents with foul smelling vaginal discharge, most likely cause is.
a) Foreign body
b) Candidiasis
c) Trichomoniasis
d) Vesicorectal fistula

3) A 35 year old woman was referred to a gynec OPD with c/o vaginal irritation, greenish yellow discharge & intense pruritis of recent origin . Physical examination was normal , but for diffuse vaginal erythema . Microscopic examination of the discharge reveled motile flagellated organism. one of the following statements regarding this case is false
a) Its a STD
b) Oral metronidazole is the drug of choice
c) Vaginal pH is usually less than 2.5
d) Even her sexual partner needs to be treated

4) A laboring patient has progressed through labor without any analgesia. She pushes effectively & brings the vertex to the perineum. Effective anesthesia will be needed for episiotomy and repair. Where should be the needle be placed?
a) Through the perineum
b) Into the hypogastric plexus .
c) Into the utero sacral ligament
d) Through the sacrospinous ligament.

5) A woman delivers a 9 lb baby with midline episiotomy & develops a 3rd degree tear. Inspection shows that the following structures are intact.
a) Anal sphincter
b) Perineal body
c) Rectal mucosa
d) Perineal muscles

6) A woman in her 1st pregnancy reports that she smokes 1 pack of cigarettes per day. An USG is ordered at 32nd week of gestation to evaluate the following....
a) Amniotic fluid volume
b) Fetal size
c) Fetal anomalies
d) Fetal motion

7) The following hormone is not produced by the placenta...
a) HCG
b) HPL
c) Prolactin
d) Estriol

8) Which of the following explanations IS NOT an explanation of decreased variability of fetal heart tracing?
a) Fetal "sleep state"
b) Prematurity 
c) Barbiturate poisoning
d) Fetal stimulation

9) Which of the following factors is a poor prognostic indicator for "METASTATIC GESTATIONAL TROPHOBLASTIC DISEASE"?
a) Lung metastasis
b) Patient age is 35 yrs
c) Diagnosis of disease at 6 weeks post partum
d) Presence of a fetus

10) Regarding contraception for the woman over 35yrs all the following are true except.....
a) Healthy women of 35 yrs without coronary heart disease risk factors , can use low dose OCP's with confidence.
b) The use of combined OCP's results in significant decrease in the incidence of ovarian cysts.
c) The ratio of ectopic pregnancy to total pregnancies conceived is higher with progestin only IUD  that with copper containing IUD's.
d) Due to considerable risk of CA Breast , the use of combined ocp's should be discouraged .

11) Engagement is said to occur when.......
a) The fetal head is within the maternal pelvis
b) The biparietal diameter of the fetal head is through the plane of the inlet.
c) The presenting part is just above the level of ischial spines.
d) The vertex is in transverse position.

12)Which of the following is not indicative of ovulation?
a) Rise in BBT
b) Progesterone level of above 5-6ng/ml
c) Secretary endometrium
d) The occurrence of menses

13) The most likely site of implantation of endometriosis is:
a) Small bowel serosa
b) Omentum
c) Appendix
d) Peritoneum of CUL-DE-SAC.

14) Post menopausal bleeding does not occur in....
a) Use of combined OCP's
b) Atrophic vaginitis
c) Endometrial hyperplasia
d) CA-Endometrium

15) Earliest USG sign of pregnancy in trans abdominal USG is
a) Visible gestational sac
b) Apparent embryonic structures
c) Fundal endometrial thickening
d) Identifiable cardiac movements

16) A 45 yr old female is having bilateral ovarian mass, ascites and omental caking on CT Scan. There is high possibility that the patient is having:
a) Benign Ovarian Tumor
b) Malignant Epithelial Ovarian tumor
c) Dysgerminoma of ovary
d) Lymphoma of ovary

17) All of the following are the known risk factors for development of endometrial carcinoma, except:
a) Obesity
b) Family history
c) Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy
d) Early menopause

18) A case of gestational trophoblastic neoplasia belongs to high risk group if the disease develops after:
a) Hydatidiform mole
b) Full term pregnancy
c) Spontaneous abortion
d) Ectopic pregnancy

19) A primigravida at 37th week of gestation reported to labor room with central placenta praevia with heavy bleeding per vaginum. The fetal heart rate was normal at the time of examination. The best management option for her is:
a) Expectant treatment
b) Caesarian Section
c) Induction and vaginal delivery
d) Induction and forceps delivery 

20)  A hemodynamically stale nullliparous patient with ectopic pregnancy has adnexal mass of 2.5 X 3 cms and beta hCG titre of 1500 miu/ml. What modality treatment is suitable for her:
a) Conservative management
b)  Medical management
c) Laparoscopic surgery
d) Laparotomy

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