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Pediatrics -mock test


1) If you calculate the plasma osmolality of a child with plasma Na+ 125 mEq/L, glucose 108 mg/dL, and BUN (Blood urea nitrogen) 140 mg/dL, the most appropriate answer would be?

a) 300 mOsm/kg
b) 306mOsm/kg
c) 312mOsm/kg
d) 318mOsm/kg

2) A 6-month old infant presents to the 'diarrhoea clinic' unit with some dehydration. The most likely organism causing diarrhoea is?
a) Entamoeba histolytica
b) Rotavirus
c) Giardia lamblia
d) Shigella

3) Asphyxial injury in a term baby is characterized by all except?
a) Seizures
b) Differential hypotonia (lower limbs > upper limbs)
c) Altered sensorium
d) Difficulty in clearing oral secretions

4) All of the following strategies are effective in preventing mother to child transmission of HIV, except?
a) Zidovudine to mother and baby
b) Vaginal cleansing before delivery.
c) Stopping breast feeding
d) Elective caesarian section

5) A 10 month old boy, weighing 3 kg has polyuria, polydipsia and delayed motor milestones. Investigations show blood levels of creatinine 0.5 mg/dL. potassium 3 mEq/L, sodium 125 mEq/L, chloride 88 mEq/L, calcium 8.8 mg/dL, pH - 7.46, and bicarbonate 26 mEq/L. Ultrasonography shows medullary nephrocalcinosis. The most likely diagnosis is?
a) Renal tubular acidosis
b) Diabetes insipidus
c) Bartter syndrome
d) Pseudohypoaldosteronism

6) A 12 year old boy is referred for evaluation of nocturnal enuresis...?
a) Alport's syndrome
b) Medullary sponge kidney
c) Chronic glomerulonephritis
d) Nephronophthisis

7) An 8 day old breast fed baby presents with vomiting...?
a) Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
b) Acute tubular necrosis
c) Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
d) Galactosemia

8) The most common underlying anomaly in a child with recurrent urinary tract infection is?
a) Posterior urethral valves
b) Vesicoureteric reflux
c) Neurogenic bladder
d) Renal calculi

9) A one year old boy presented with hepatosplenomegaly....?
a) Birbeck granules in the cytoplasm
b) Myelin figures in the cytoplasm
c) Parallel rays of tubular structures in lysosomes
d) Electron dense deposit in the mitochondria

10) A 7 year old boy presented with generalized edema ...?
a) Fusion of foot processes of the glomerular epithelial cells
b) Rarefaction of glomerular basement membrane
c) Deposition of electron dense material in the basement membrane
d) Thin basement membrane

11) A 12 year old boy has a recent H/O excessive sweating , palpitations & an increased appetite . O/E , he is found to have exophthalmous , hyperkinetic movements and 3+ palpable nodule of the thyroid gland . The most ideal way to treat this patient is :
a) Propylthiouracil 100-200mg daily
b) Total thyroidectomy
c) Radioactive iodine therapy
d) Subtotal thyroidectomy

12) Which of the following conditions is commonly encountered in female newborn & usually requires no treatment ?
a) Enlarged clitoris
b) Labial fusion
c) Mucoid vaginal discharge
d) Prolapsed urethra

13) A 10 month old infant developed a severe watery diarrhea 2 days after a routine visit to the pediatrician . Most likely diagnosis :
a) Rota virus infection
b) Entrotoxigenic E-Coli infection
c) Lactase deficiency
d) Ulcerative colitis

14) All the following maneuvers or treatments are suitable for control of cyanotic spells in a child with Fallot's tetrology except :
a) Squatting position
b) Isoprenaline administration
c) Morphine administration
d) Emergency palliative surgical procedure [subclavian pulmonary artery shunt]

15) Which one of the following is the most common cause of abdominal mass in neonates?
a) Neuroblastoma
b) Wilm's tumor
c) Distended Bladder
d) Multicystic dysplastic kidneys

16) Which one of the following statements is false with regard to pyuria in children?
a) Presence of more than 5 WBC/hpf for girls and more than 3 WBC/hpf for boys
b) Infection can occur without pyuria
c) Pyuria may be present without Urinary tract infection
d) Isolated pyuria is neither confirmatory nor diagnostic for UTI

17) Which one of the following statements is false with regard to Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis in children:
a) Often affects those younger than 8 yrs of age
b) It affects the kidney focally more frequently than diffusely
c) Boys are affected more frequently
d) Clinical presentation in children is same as in adults

18) A child aged 24 months was brought to the Primary health centre with complaints of cough and fever for the past 2 days. On examination, the child weighed 11 kg, respiratory rate was 38 / min, chest indrawing was present. The most appropriate management for this patient is:
a) Classify as pneumonia and refer urgently to secondary level hospital
b) Classify as pneumonia, start antibiotics and advise to report after 2 days
c) Classify as severe pneumonia, start antibiotics and refer urgently
d) Classify as severe pneumonia and refer urgently

19) A 5 yr old boy passed 18 loose stools in last 24hrs and vomited twice in last 4 hours. He is irritable but drinking fluids. The optimal therapy for this child is:
a) Intravenous fluids
b) Oral rehydration therapy
c) Intravenous fluid initially for 4 hrs followed by oral fluids
d) Plain water ad libitum

20) A couple with a family history of beta thalessemia major in a distant relative, has come for counseling. The husband has HbA2 of 4.8% and the wife has HbA2 of 2.3%.The risk of having a child with beta thalessemia major is:
a) 50%
b) 25%
c) 5%
d) 0%

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