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Pathology -mock test 1


1) The mechanism of fatty changes in the liver in malnutrition is :

a) Inhibition of fatty acid oxidation
b) Decrease in synthesis of lipid acceptor proteins
c) Increase in synthesis of triglycerides
d) Alteration of mitochondrial function

2) One of the following is a neoplastic giant cell :
a) Langhans giant cell
b) Warthin Finkledy giant cell
c) Reed Sternberg cell
d) Osteoclast

3) Essential features of nephrotic syndrome includes all except :
a) Increased Urinary excretion
b) Hypoalbuminemia
c) Peripheral edema
d) Decreased serum cholesterol

4) Immune complexes located within the basement membrane would most likely be found in a patient with:
a) Acute Glomerulonephritis
b) Membranous GN
c) Type 1 Membranoproliferative GN {MPGN}
d) Type 2 MPGN

5) In AML Chromosomal anomaly is:
a) 9 & 22
b) 21 & 9
c) 20 & 10
d) 8 & 14

6) Highly selective proteinuria contains:
a) fibrinogen and albumin
b) transferin
c) transferrin and fibrinogen
d) fibrinogen

7) Edward syndrome is due to:
a) Chromosome 18 anomaly
b) Chromosome 13 anomaly
c) Chromosome 11 anomaly
d) Chromosome & anomaly

8) Turner’s syndrome is:
a) XO
b) XXY
c) XXX
d) XXO

9) Ulcerative colitis is characterized by all except:
a) Crypt abscess
b) Sub mucosal inflammation
c) Pseudo polyps seen
d) Fistula formation

10) M4 stage of AML is called as:
a) Acute myelomonoblastic leukemia
b) Acute monoblastic leukemia
c) Myelomonocytic leukemia
d) Monocytic leukemia

11) About neutrophils all are incorrect except:-
a) 10-20% of all leucocytes.
b) Phagocytosis
c) Antibody formation
d) Increase in chronic infections

12) In leprosy nerve involved is:
a) Ulnar Nerve
b) Median
c) Radial
d) Axillary

13) Hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy is due to:
a) oat cell carcinoma
b) squamous cell carinoma
c) Adenocarcinoma
d) adenosqumous

14) DIC is caused by all except:
a) IUD
b) septic abortion
c) extramniotic instillation of ethacridine lactate
d) Ammiotic fluid embolism

15) Giant  cell tumor source of cells is :
a) Osteoclast
b) Osteoblasts
c) Osteoid
d) Unknown

16) Cells in M4 AML are:
a) Monoblasts & myeloblasts
b) Myeloblasts only
c) Monocytes & myelocytes
d) erythroid cells

17) Most common tumor of appendix is:
a) Carcinoid
b) Squamous cell
c) Adenocarcinoma
d) Argentaffin type

18) Stricture of gut is caused by:
a) Typhoid
b) tuberculosis
c) Crohn’s disease
d) Ulcerative colitis

19) Lipooxygenase mediated chemotaxis is by:
a)  B4
b)  C4

c)  D4

d)  E4

20) Exchange of genetic material takes place in:
a) Prophase –I
b) Prophase II
c) Metaphase
d) Telophase

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