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Medicine-mock test


1)A 15 year old girl has recurrent abdominal cramps & Melina. Physical examination revels increased pigmentation on her lips & buccal mucosa. Her sister has a similar History & same physical findings. Most likely diagnosis.

a) Pseudopolysosis
b) Familial polyposis
c) Villous adenoma
d) P-J Syndrome

2) All the following statements regarding a patient with IDDM in pregnancy  is true except:
a) Can be safely monitored by home blood glucose monitoring.
b) Have a reduced incidence of congenital anomalies if preconceptional blood glucose control is good.
c) Ideally should have an HbA1C > 8%.
d) May have a macrosomic fetus even in the presence of good glycaemic control.

3) A distinctive feature when comparing ulcerative colitis with crohn's disease
a) Fistula formation
b) Possible malignant transformation
c) Colonic Involvement
d) Absence of granulomas

4) S1Q3T3 pattern in an ECG is classically described in cases of :
a) Acute cor pulmonale
b) Acute inferior wall MI
c) Hypokalemia
d) hypocalcaemia

5) Depressed bridge of nose is due to all except :
a) Leprosy
b) Syphilis
c) Thalassemia
d) Acromegaly

6) In a patient of Hiv infection, pneumocystis carinii pneumonia prophylaxis is indicated with a CD4 cell count of :
a) 600 per micro liter
b) 500 per micro liter
c) 400 per micro liter
d) 200 per micro liter

7) Differential cyanosis is a feature of :
a) PDA
b) PDA with coarctation of aorta
c) Fallot's tetrology
d) VSD with PS

8) A 25 year old presents with fever malaise headache & muscle pains. A chest x ray shows bilateral infiltrates . Cold agglutinins are present in the blood . This patient is infected with :
a) Influenza A virus
b) Mycoplasma pneumonia
c) Streptococcal pneumonia
d) Pneumocystis pneumonia

9) Neurosurgical treatment of epilepsy usually involves , removal of epileptic foci from which lobe?
a) Frontal lobe
b) Temporal lobe
c) Occipital lobe
d) Parietal lobe

10) Cryptoprecipitate is used to treat all the following coagulopathies  except :
a) Hemophilia -A
b) Christmas disease
c) Von willebrands disease
d) DIC

11) All the following statements regarding GB syndrome are correct except :
a) There is prominent motor involvement with variable sensory loss
b) CSF shows elevated protein without proportionate rise in cells.
c) High dose IV Ig's have been found to be useful in management.
d) Autonomic disturbances are rare.

12) The clinical manifestation due to infection with the following closely resembles that of chronic Pulmonary TB :
a) Cryptococcus
b) Histoplasmosis
c) Blastomycosis
d) Mucormycosis

13) A 26 year old lady presents with h/o bloody diarrhea since 6 months., weight loss & crampy abdominal pain . The first step towards diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease will be :
a) Upper GI scopy
b) Small bowel mucosal biopsy
c) Mesenteric angiography
d) Barium enema

14) Mesothelioma is associated with one of the following :
a) Crocidolite
b) Amosite
c) anthrophylite
d) All the above

15) The following statement regarding dobutamine stress echocardiography are true except :
a) Development of regional wall abnormalities is evaluated during dobutamine infusion
b) atropine administration is recommended if target HR is not achieved even with maximum dose of dobutamine
c) useful in assessing left ventricular function in patients with aortic stenosis
d) Employed in preoperative evaluation of coronary artery disease in patients presenting for vascular surgery .

16) The diagnosis of concussion is established by which one of the following?
a) Pupillary Constriction
b) Nausea & Vomiting
c) Brief loss of consciousness & amnesia for event
d) A positive Babinski's sign

17) The EMG is least useful for the diagnosis of :
a) Cerebral palsy
b) Charcot's -Marie- Tooth disease
c) Spinal muscular atrophy
d) M.Gravis

18) A 40 year old lady is brought to the emergency room after being unresponsive following a sudden bout of severe headache at work. O/E her BP is 180/100mmHg & her respiration is irregular & of Cheyne-Stokes type . She is agitated & doesn't follow commands, but moves her extremities spontaneously. Most likely diagnosis will be :
a) Subarecnoid hemorrhage due to ruptures cerebral aneurism.
b) Hypoglycemic coma
c) Conversion reaction
d) Addisonian crisis

19) In the heterosexual transmission of HIV :
a) There is greater risk of transmission from man to woman
b) There is greater risk of transmission from woman to man
c) Risk is equal both ways
d) HIV infection is not transmitted by heterosexual act

20) Cushing's syndrome is characterized by all these features except :
a) Central obesity
b) Osteoporosis
c) Muscle weakness
d) Hyperkalemia

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