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Orthopedics -mock test


1)When the L4 - L5 intervertibral disc prolapses, the nerve root that is compressed is :

a) L4
b) L5
c) S1
d) S2

2) March fracture usually occurs in the :
a) 1st metatarsal
b) 2nd metatarsal
c) 4th metatarsal
d) Head of talus

3) The surgery of excision arthroplasty of the base of the proximal phalynx for a hallux valgus is after :
a) Mayo
b) Mc bride
c) Steinder
d) Keler

4) Which of the following disorders are likely to produce a sensory level on neurological examination?
a) Myelopathy due to Vit B12 deficiency
b) Neoplastic cord compression
c) Acute myelitis
d) Pott's spine

5) One of the following is a disease caused by Osteoclast dysfunction
a) Osteoporosis
b) Rickets
c) Renal osteodystrophy
d) Osteogenesis imperfecta

6) In congenital dislocation of the hip , the clinical sign which shows that the affected thigh is shortened when the knees & hips are flexed to 90 degrees is known as :
a) Ortolani's sign
b) Barlow sign
c) Von Rosen's sign
d) Galleazzi's sign

7) Osteochondritis  known as Sever's disease involves
a) Talus
b) Lunate
c) Tarsal navecular
d) Calcaneus

8) A small boy who was brought to the emergency department by his parents is found to have a spiral # of the femur , with a variety of ecchymoses . Most likely cause of injury includes :
a) Automobile hit & run
b) Fall from tree
c) Child abuse
d) Fall from cycle

9) Steps in the operative correction congenital Talipes equino varus include all the following except :
a) Lengthening of tendoachilles
b) Posterior tibio-talar capsulotomy
c) Release of peroneus brevis from its insertion
d) Talonavecular joint reduction

10) Ewings sarcoma is believed to arise from :
a) Aberrant cartilage rests
b) Endothelial cells of bone marrow
c) Mesothelial cells
d) Periosteocytes

11) Lachman's test is meant to test :
a) Anterior cruciate ligament
b) Posterior cruciate ligament
c) Medial meniscus
d) Medial collateral ligament

12) All the following results in CARPEL TUNNEL SYNDROME except :
a) Paralysis of opponens pollicis
b) Paralysis of flexor pollicis brevis 
Paralysis of oblique head of adductor pollicis
Paralysis of abductor pollicis brevis

13) 4 days after femur # , a patient presents with confusion , hemiperisis, fever & blood tinged sputum. Cause is :
a) Cerebral abscess
b) Subdural hematoma
c) Cerebral fat embolism
d) Cortical contusion

14) "Bone within bone "appearance is seen in :
a) Fibrous dysplasia
b) Ankylosing spondylitis
c) Osteogenesis imperfecta
d) Osteopetrosis

15) The contracture of muscles leading to deformity of hand & wrist following tight bandaging is described by :
a) Dupuytren
b) Volkman
c) H.O Thomas
d) Watson-Jones

16) In fixed flexion deformity of a joint , which of the following is correct ?
a) Complete flexion is not possible
b) Complete extension is not possible
c) Both A & B
d) Complete flexion & extension though not possible actively are possible passively .

17) Commonest donor site for autologous bone graft  is :
a) Fibula
b) Rib
c) Greater trochanter
d) Iliac crest

18)  Kinebock's disease is due to avascular necrosis of:
a) Femoral neck
Medial cuneiform
Lunate bone
Scaphoid bone

19) A 30 yr old male was brought to the casualty following a road traffic accident. His physical examination revealed that his right lower limb was short , internally rotated, and flexed and adducted at the hip. The most likely diagnosis is:
a) Fracture of neck femur
Trochanteric fracture
Central fracture dislocation of hip
Posterior dislocation of hip

20) Sciatic nerve palsy may occur in the following injury:
a) Posterior dislocation of hip joint
Fracture of neck femur
Trochanteric fracture  
Anterior dislocation of hip

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